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Tenant right to counsel: Sounds nice. Destroys housing. (10/1/2020) - It’s all about stretching out nonpayment of rent as long as possible. It will destroy small landlords and low-rent housing.
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Eviction Moratorium: SPOA’s letter to President Donald Trump (9/27/2020) - SPOA is the small property owner's voice to public policy decision makers. Read our recent appeal to President Trump regarding the CDC's eviction moratorium. Continue reading
Eviction Moratorium: SPOA’s letter to Governor Charlie Baker (9/27/2020) - SPOA is the small property owner's voice to public policy decision makers. Here is our recent communication to Governor Baker urging action and outlining the disastrous effects of the Massachusetts eviction moratorium. Continue reading
CORONAVIRUS: Click here (4/6/2020) - Please click here to see our full statement: CORONAVIRUS Page SPOA takes the the Coronavirus very seriously and has provided the following statements. Please review the page and the statements made by SPOA for you and everyone’s overall safety.
Regulatory Barriers to Housing Affordability (2/22/2020) - Click here to read how the disastrous landlord-tenant laws we have in Massachusetts all tend to push rents up. Included is commentary on new laws being proposed. Don’t have time to read the entire document? Then read the 5-page opening statement … Continue reading
SPOA Proposal: Create smaller-sized, lower-rent units rapidly in existing rental housing (11/3/2019) - We are over-housed    Today’s households are much smaller than they used to be, yet these smaller households often live in large apartments built originally for the wealthy or for large immigrant households. If some of these large apartments are … Continue reading
Rent control never stays “mild,” it only gets stricter and stricter (11/3/2019) - “Mild” rent control is the camel’s nose in the tent.  Rent control pays tenants every month to vote for pro-rent-control lawmakers and to demand lower and lower rents. Rent control is not a housing policy. It is a political power … Continue reading
Impacts of RENT CONTROL on types of property owners (11/3/2019) - (Based on past rent control systems in Massachusetts. Rent control can vary by city or by state. Oregon California’s recently enacted rent control covers all rental units in each state except single-family homes in some cases. Proposals for nationwide rent … Continue reading
ECONOMIC IMPACTS of rent control (11/3/2019) - The simple act of pushing rents below market value has widespread negative impacts. Giving local-option rent control would affect the state’s entire economy. Devaluation   The initial vote to impose rent control immediately lowers the value of all affected housing. … Continue reading
The choice: Rent control •OR• create more housing (11/3/2019) - Economists say repeatedly:  The cause of high rents is lack of a sufficient supply of rental housing. It follows, therefore, that to bring rents down broadly, we must create more rental housing units.  Rent control, however, stops all new rental … Continue reading