Welcome to the Total Resource for Small Property Owners

The group that fights to protect small landlords & their rights in Massachusetts

Known as SPOA (pronounced SPOH-uh), we are the group that spearheaded the 1994 referendum ending rent control in Massachusetts. We continue to influence state and local lawmakers to reject anti-landlord proposals and to pass new laws to protect us, like a rent escrow law to stop the “free rent trick.” We are the largest rental property owner association in the state and the only one that speaks for the interests of small property owners, those “mom and pop” landlords who do their own management rather than hiring it out. We own 75% of all rental housing in the state.

Here you will find interesting and useful articles on topics of most concern to small landlords (and even large ones). By joining SPOA, however, you receive a 10-issue subscription to our monthly newsletter (except July and August), which will give you access to many more articles of a similar nature. SPOA annual dues: $75. A sample of newsletter articles not on this website: “First EPA. Now OSHA. Work rules get tougher yet,” “Some anti-discrimination laws are Catch-22 for landlords,” “Tenant hoarding: Legal dilemma for landlords,” “Outrageous enforcement of RRP and OSHA violations,” “Owning rental business as a sole proprietor,” “Springfield owner gets $83,575 file for RRP violations,” “Greater Boston Legal Services has $14 million annual budget.”