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Membership in the Small Property Owners Association is open to all who believe in property rights. We started in Massachusetts, but we have members and friends across the country. We are the group that ended rent control in Massachusetts by popular vote in 1994, and we have stopped numerous efforts since then to bring it back.

Our annual membership dues of $100 gives you a subscription to:

The Small Property Owners NEWS, the best property owner newsletter around. Published monthly except July and August.

We discuss current issues, including:

  • Rent control
  • Much better options to rent control
  • The “affordable housing” scam
  • Proposed “tenant protections”
  • Restrictions on evictions
  • Disastrous inspection requirements
  • The “free rent trick” in Massachusetts
  • And much more.

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Click on Donate & Renew Online to go directly to our online Membership, Renewal, and Donation page.


Make your check for $100, or more, payable to “SPOA” The first $100 of every donation starts or renews your membership for a year.

If you can afford more, please consider an additional donation. We depend on the generous donations of our members above and beyond the annual dues.

MAIL your check to:

P.O. Box 398115
Cambridge, MA 02139


Business correspondence and letters can be sent to the above address.

SPOA can always be reached at 617-354-2358
Or by email: