Water Submetering

The new law – with important parts highlighted (12/18/2012) - Chapter 417 of the Acts of 2004 AN ACT AUTHORIZING WATER SUBMETERING IN RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: SECTION 1. Subsection … Continue reading
Negative Impacts of Water Submetering Bill [H.5001] if enacted into law (12/18/2012) - BRIEF SUMMARY: Water submetering would transfer water bills from owners to tenants through proportional billing according to actual submetered water usage. Water conservation among the tenant population could reach 25% to 30% reduction in water usage – and save taxpayers … Continue reading
Governor signs water submetering bill – useless to small owners, and worse yet (12/18/2012) - Water submetering bill passes Useless for small owners Worse yet:  just-cause eviction & back-door rent control On December 16, Governor Mitt Romney signed the Water Submet-ering bill into law, over the strenuous objections of SPOA, which was excluded from drafting the … Continue reading