Tenant Protections

Tenant right to counsel: A fast way to crush small landlords (9/8/2020) - A major push is being made nationwide for a “right to counsel” for indigent tenants along with a nationwide push for more taxpayer-funded “affordable housing.” These two government programs would crush many local small landlords and replace them with faraway corporate landlords. Continue reading
Free lawyers for tenants? (11/5/2019) - This great-sounding idea is totally wrong. Two bills at the State House would give “indigent” tenants free lawyers during evictions.  When does eviction usually happen? 95% of evictions are for tenants not paying rent. First, that immediately qualifies them as … Continue reading
Tenant protections (8/1/2018) - Tenant advocates in Massachusetts are seizing on the political climate, both nationally and locally, to try once again to get what they most want – rent control – after SPOA’s defeat of rent control in the 1994 statewide referendum known … Continue reading