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BINDING Cambridge Question 1 INITIATIVE PETITION (12/12/2003) - Full Text 1. Preamble 2. Declaration of Emergency 3. Effective date, revocation, and reacceptance 4. Definitions: Rental Units Controlled Rental Units Rent Services Expiring Use Housing 5. Rent Board. 6. Maximum Rent. 7. Maximum Rent Adjustment. 8. Rent Adjustment Hearings. … Continue reading
Glenn Koocher’s Historical Perspective (12/12/2003) - History of what was really behind Rent Control in Cambridge A native of Cambridge, MA, Glenn Koocher served on the Cambridge School Committee from 1974-1986. On the board, he was vice chair, chairs of the Committees on: Budget, Special Education, … Continue reading
The fundamental problem with rent control is that the buildings disintegrate (12/12/2003) - by Fred Cohn, January 2001 The fundamental problem with rent control is that the buildings disintegrate. You start off with the idea that the buildings are like granite rocks and they are fine, and then you realize after a while, … Continue reading
Paul Krugman talks about “That great sacred cow – Rent Control” (12/12/2003) - A RENT AFFAIR SYNOPSIS: That great sacred cow– Rent Control– is a textbook case of Economic stupidity Economists who have ventured into the alleged real world often quote Princeton’s Alan Blinder, who has formulated what he calls “Murphy’s Law of … Continue reading