SPOA Needs Your Support

Dear Loyal SPOA Members,

            This is an unprecedented time for small property owners. Besides facing the challenges in our daily lives and those created by the pandemic, we are swept up in a maelstrom of bad policy and proposed legislation potentially threatening small property ownership.

            Who would have ever thought that the government could essentially take our property through eviction moratoriums? Or that rent control would re-emerge as a serious agenda item pushed by progressive activists at the State House?

            We are under siege! If there was ever a time that Small Property Owners needed to push back and fight to protect our rights, it is now! In addressing the current challenges that you face, we need your help!

            On August 3, 2021, two members of SPOA testified to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary about a slew of adverse bills for housing providers, such as eviction records sealing, as well as proposed rent escrow bills.

            On August 12, 2021, four representatives from SPOA testified before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Housing, which heard testimony on two bills (H.1434 and S.891) proposing a new Eviction Moratorium for those impacted by COVID-19 which would last until June of 2022.

            What can you do? Join SPOA now! Your $100 annual membership dues will support SPOA’s important activities to protect your rental property, and you will receive the SPOA newsletter. If you are able to contribute more than the $100, please do so when you join. SPOA depends on the many people who give us more than the annual dues.

            On Thursday, August 19, we will broadcast the first of a series of webinars with Boston mayoral candidates. This election will be critical for small property owners, not just for those with property in the city, but for every small property owner concerned about what is coming next to their own community. Our first guest will be Annissa Essaibi George. SPOA is able to offer these programs free, but we rely on the support of our members.

            SPOA is fielding calls from landlords confused about how to access federal and state rental relief. Many housing providers are growing discouraged and selling their properties. Some, sadly, are being pushed into foreclosure. We are hearing stories about landlords who are owed tens of thousands of dollars in back rent. Confusion abounds as legislators begin to understand that rent relief applications cannot be completed without tenant input. Tenants able, but unwilling, to pay are not incentivized to get their housing providers paid. We need policy makers to understand that we are paying our real estate taxes, mortgages, insurance bills, and other expenses without forgiveness.

            Of $47 BILLION of housing relief, a little over 6% has been allocated directly to help property owners. Now, more than ever, we need your help.

            Currently, we are out-organized and out-funded by sophisticated tenant advocacy groups. SPOA is trying to change this by bringing landlords onto the playing field.

            We need to get our message out … that we are owners of small businesses that are women, minority, and family owned. That we are on the front lines as essential workers who provide 60 percent of the rental housing in Massachusetts. That the government needs to work with us as a partner, instead of opposing us as a villain.

            Can you help us? We need funding to get our message out, build our organization, and assist in our lobbying efforts on behalf of small property owners.

            Please consider an immediate contribution of $100, $500 or $1,000.

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            There are other ways you can help too. Attending hearings, calling elected officials, sharing your stories with us, and helping your fellow property owners are all desperately needed.

            We are a volunteer organization. SPOA relies on donations and dues to protect your livelihood. Please consider joining our efforts and please give $100, $500, or $1,000 today!

Yours Sincerely,

Allison Drescher                                                         Amir Shahsavari

President                                                                     Vice President

P.S. We need to mobilize immediately to prevent bad laws from getting passed and to protect small property owners. Please join the fight by donating $100, $500, $1000, or anything you can!


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