Here is an open challenge to the good residents and property owners of the cities of Boston, Somerville and Cambridge Massachusetts. If you feel that establishing a right of first refusal is a good way to ensure affordable housing opportunities then please consider encumbering your own property by having your lawyer write up some variation of this Right of First Refusal Agreement, with assignment to one or more of your tenants. If you own a single family house or condo, cut out the middle man and execute an agreement directly with organizations such as Community Developer Corporation of Boston or Just a Start Corporation (Cambridge CDC)
or Somerville Community Corporation (SCC).

You can set the terms as you wish; and you can even register a covenant in perpetuity at the appropriate Massachusetts Counties Registry of Deeds so that any future owner of the property in question is also subject to having all future tenants and/or community development corporations having a Right of First Refusal.

Have no fear, the author of this article assures us that a Right of First Refusal does not cost the homeowner a cent, … while still providing a market rate return …: right of first refusal means stability for Cambridge families.