Tenant advocacy group City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) organized rent strikes against two elderly immigrant landlords (Rent Strike # 1) and an African immigrant landlord with a family of five (Rent Strike # 2).

All or many of the tenants of these landlords stopped paying rent and demanded that the landlords stop all rent increases and evictions before they would resume paying rent. Code violations were hugely exaggerated, and CLVU made claims on behalf of the tenants for huge damages claimed to result from the code violations. Their properties were deliberately devalued in these ways to discourage private buyers and force owners to sell — at a steep loss — to nonprofit “affordable housing” groups. The Egleston Square owners lost $400,000. The Mattapan/Dorchester owner with a family of five lost over $5 million. CLVU does not believe in private property. It wants all rental housing owned by the government or tax-funded nonprofit groups.

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