Rent control everywhere

Nationwide rent control

Bernie Sanders, nationwide rent control, every rental unit, PROPOSED, annual cap 3% or 1.5 times inflation, whichever is greater
Elizabeth Warren, nationwide rent control, every rental unit, PROPOSED, lower rents by 10% over 10 years (freeze rents, then lower them 1% a year?)
Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez, NY State Representative, nationwide, PROPOSED, annual cap 3% or inflation, whichever is greater, all units of landlords owning more than 5 units

Statewide rent control

Oregon, statewide rent control, PASSED April 2019, every rental unit except those built in last 15 years, annual rent increase cap 7% plus inflation rate
California, statewide rent control, PASSED October 2019, annual cap 5% plus inflation rate, every rental unit excluding properties less than 15 years old and most single-families.
New York State, statewide local-option rent control, PASSED June 2019, any city or town may adopt rent control, greatly tightened existing rent control in NYC
Massachusetts, statewide local-option rent control, PROPOSED, any city or town may adopt rent control, no restrictions (can roll-back rents, freeze rents, limit increases, anything), except no regulation of owner-occupied 2- and 3-unit properties.

Local rent control

Boston, Mayor Walsh has opposed rent control to protect trade unions. But has he changed his mind? He supports a 5% cap and “just-cause eviction” for elderly age 75+. That’s rent control foot-in-door.
Cambridge & Somerville, many Councilors and candidates would vote for rent control, but they all hide their true colors in vague statements: “rent stabilization,” “tenant protections,” “just-cause eviction,” “tenant handbook,” etc.

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