Property Management

Using and choosing
a rental agent

A rental agent will save an owner lots of time and aggravation. No more phone calls, appointments, no-shows. Just give a set of keys to the agent.

But there are additional advantages to an agent. The quality of tenant may be better. After all, the tenant is willing to pay extra for the agent. They have a little more financial reserve and aren't scrimping on every penny, a good sign of how they will treat you. There's something more professional about using an agent.

Moreover, an agent offers owners some protection against charges of discrimination. Agents are licensed on condition they agree not to discriminate.

But just any rental agent won't do. Here's why. One rental agent reportedly said to another: "Why should I do a credit check? That just gives the landlord a reason not to take the tenant I found."

This agent is just in the business for a quick fee. And the fees are good. So owners must be wary and look for a rental agent who plans to stay in the business, wants your repeat business in the future, and aims to give you tenants you won't regret.

Obviously, you want an agent that will do not just a rental application and say they checked the references. You want one who does a thorough check on income, credit and all references - and gives you written documentation. It's not easy work, but rental agents are well paid; make sure they do their job.