Membership: Join, Renew, and Donate

Annual dues are $100, which includes a subscription to our informative newsletter . You can join or renew your membership for $100 paid all at once or set it up for $9/month. Donations over and above the annual dues are needed and greatly appreciated.

The donate button will take you to a page on theĀ web site. You do not need to have a Paypal account or to create one, unless you are setting up a monthly donation.

Donate button:

Here is an example of the filled out forms (click on them to see detail):

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The form is a bit finicky, requiring you to enter everything correctly, and requiring you to re-enter your credit card information if you made an error anyplace in the form, such as a zip code that is inconsistent with the City and State. Please do enter both your email address and contact phone number as these will prove useful for future contact through our critical landlord issues covering vital to know State and City/Town level activities.

If you have any questions about other donation opportunities, such as the SPOA NEWSLETTER 501(c)3 Corporation, please contact