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What is IOLTA? (12/13/2012) - The hidden tax system that funds legal services On a typical day, more than $5 billion sits in trust accounts opened by lawyers for their clients’ funds (for example, down payments on home purchases being held “in escrow”). That gigantic … Continue reading
U.S. Supreme Court says ’no’ to IOLTA (12/13/2012) - A major victory. In a major victory that could undercut funding for free lawyers for tenants, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that the interest collected by attorneys on escrow accounts (called “IOLTA”) belongs to the attorneys’ clients, not … Continue reading
Boston’s United Way gave $583,479 to Greater Boston Legal Services. (12/13/2012) - United Way gave $583,749 in 1997 to Greater Boston Legal Services “Real estate industry” tops United Way donor list Greater Boston Legal Services got $583,749 from the Boston area United Way in fiscal 1997, according to regional United Way’s annual … Continue reading