Lead Paint

CDC lowers lead level threshold after budget cuts (12/25/2012) - October 2012 For 20 years, the official “level of concern” for lead poisoning was 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood. Recently, however, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a dramatic change, cutting the “level of concern” in half, … Continue reading
Expert slams Mass. lead paint law, praises Rhode Island law (12/13/2012) - Mass. law is outdated and misguided According to a highly qualified individual, Massachusetts has taken a stringent, high-cost approach to lead paint abatement, with the result that many landlords balk and refuse to comply with the law, likely leading to … Continue reading
No proof that interior lead paint causes poisoning (12/13/2012) - Researchers ignore lead in soil They gave us four studies to prove their point. Guess what! By Skip Schloming & Lenore Schloming Lead agency hands over studies We asked the experts on lead poisoning to prove us wrong. To prove … Continue reading
Why delead? (12/13/2012) - Even after all the work and the cost, you may have to delead again . . . and again . . . Forced to delead twice. Forced to use deleaders to paint. It doesn’t stop poisoning. It doesn’t educate tenants. … Continue reading
The Door Mat Study (12/13/2012) - No one talks about it. But why not? It could stop kids getting lead-poisoned The solutions are simple. It’s very simple. It’s very cheap. Just use door mats. Just take your shoes off at the door. Those two actions alone … Continue reading
Lead Conference: Abatement Is Dying (12/13/2012) - Even tenant-friendly specialists say it   Lead paint abatement as a national agenda is terminally ill. There is a shortage of deleading contractors. Fewer people are choosing to be deleaders and inspectors. OSHA’s lead regs are so onerous that remodelers … Continue reading
National policy changes end “lead poisoning” era (12/12/2012) - American Council on Science and Health: Lead poisoning is “not a widespreadpublic health threat.”   U.S. Center for Disease Control: End universal screening of children for lead poisoning.   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: No lead paint needs to be abated … Continue reading
Wellesley family fights mandated abatement (12/12/2012) - Fears exposure of children to dust from deleading Our state’s mindless lead paint law finally hit middle-class, single-family homeowners, a family whose single-handed opposition to the state’s lead paint bureaucracy – the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) – was … Continue reading
Rarity of lead poisoning raises serious policy questions (12/12/2012) - ‘Public health triumph’ produced very low lead levels Over there is a giant haystack with a needle somewhere in it. But over here is a small haystack with not only one needle, but a dozen needles in it. Which haystack do … Continue reading
‘Irreversible, lifetime effects’ suggest lead is not the cause (12/12/2012) - The latest mantra from lead poisoning advocates is that “no level of lead in the blood is safe” and that even small amounts of lead can cause “irreversible, lifetime damage.” These statements, however, are disputed by some scientists, including those … Continue reading