Increase Supply

‘Little Communities’: A zoning proposal (11/5/2019) - A zoning proposal In light of the density issue, we suggest limited re-zoning for these smaller units in existing housing, to create what we may call “little communities.” Rezoning for smaller units could be limited to along public transportation routes … Continue reading
The density issue (11/3/2019) - Unused spaces in basements, attics, and garages are widely available for smaller units, as are large apartments that can be subdivided. The potential new supply of smaller units, then, is very large and could increase population density far more than … Continue reading
The fire sprinkler issue (11/3/2019) - A major obstacle is a costly requirement to install fire sprinklers in all units when a fourth unit is added. Fire sprinklers save lives and property. Every new unit adds a stove and furnace, both fire sources. The requirement is … Continue reading
The fashionable trend to smaller units (11/3/2019) - We at SPOA have been aware for many years of “naturally affordable” smaller units, lumped together as “accessory dwelling units.” Recently, the idea of “micro-units” has gained attention. They are very small, compact units, cheaper but relatively costly as new … Continue reading
SPOA Proposal: Create smaller-sized, lower-rent units rapidly in existing rental housing (11/3/2019) - We are over-housed    Housing advocates often call for more family-sized units with two or three bedrooms – a wrong-headed idea. Today’s households are much smaller than they used to be, and they often live in large units built originally … Continue reading