How to enter units and do repairs safely

  • Only do emergency or urgent repairs
  • Ask or tell tenants to plan to be out of their apartment for two or three hours, until the repair is completed. Suggest they can stay in their, take a walk, or stay with relatives or friends that have been practicing social distancing.
  • Before tenants leave, instruct them to open all their windows.
  • Let the unit air out for at least an hour before you enter.
  • Wear clothes that cover you entirely, no skin showing.
  • Wear gloves that cover up your wrists as well.
  • Wear facemasks throughout.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes, both from coronavirus and flying particles.
  • Wear a washable hat, covering your head as much as possible.
  • When you enter, do not touch anything in the unit except what is absolutely necessary, doorknobs and whatever is being repaired.
  • Call the tenants and tell them they can come back in. Suggest they wait 30 minutes or longer.
  • Consider everything you are wearing has coronavirus on it, so WASH EVERYTHING with laundry detergent and (if possible) hot water
  • Shoes:  Wash or wipe down the outside with a solution of detergent and water and paper towels. Rinse with water, if you wish, and let dry. Throw out the paper towels safely.
  • Take a full, long shower, washing hair and entire body two or three vigorous times.
  • If you need a helper or a hired tradesperson (electrician, plumber, etc.), have them take similar precautions.

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