The big picture (12/17/2012) - We’ve been saying it for a long time. Housing laws pushed by legal aid lawyers are designed to put private housing providers out of business so that tax-funded subsidized housing developers can take over. Some of you may think we … Continue reading
Rules for starting rooming houses: Where are they? (12/17/2012) - We went to the desk in Boston’s Inspectional Services Department where, we were told, the question of starting a rooming house could be answered. We explained that we had, hypothetically, a three-family house that we wanted to convert to a … Continue reading
Policy recommendations for rooming houses (12/17/2012) - Make evictions fast for rooming houses, so that owners can enforce zero tolerance for crime and other negative behavior. Require mandatory rent escrowing for code violations, so that marginal housing gets protected from malicious property damage and unchecked rent withholding. … Continue reading
No.1 cause of homelessness: Rooming houses OUTLAWED. (12/17/2012) - “This is really important,” said the superintendent who watches the front door of a rooming house on Boston’s Beacon Hill, just half a block from the State House. “There aren’t many of these left. If these people didn’t have this, … Continue reading
Homelessness Up (12/17/2012) - Officials and nonprofit leaders keep pursuing the same old housing strategy for the poor – try to get more tax money to build more subsidized housing – in the face of glaring statistics that it simply does not work. What … Continue reading
Per capita spending on homelessness. (12/17/1999) - 1999 Massachusetts $13.28 New York $12.36 Connecticut $ 2.71 Florida $ 2.24 Washington $ 1.30 Arizona $ 1.06 Wisconsin $ .38 North Carolina $ .29 Georgia $ .26 “Per capita spending” is the total amount of money spent divided by … Continue reading