A T T E N T I O N: Here is your ticket to free rent

A simple electrical cover plate is your ticket to free rent. It’s just like the ones in your apartment.


1. Simply unscrew one of the electrical cover plates in your apartment from the wall. It’s one screw. Presto! A code violation.

2. Now call the health inspector to redeem your free-rent coupon.

3. Stop paying rent immediately. You are legally entitled to not pay any rent at all until this simple code violation is repaired.

4. When your landlord wants to make the repair, make an appointment only at your convenience, sometime next week or next month. If your landlord knocks at your door, now is definitely not a convenient time.

5. Don’t start paying rent until your apartment is code-perfect. Often, when one code violation gets fixed, another one shows up. Be creative.

6. Use your free-rent ticket especially if you have already stopped paying rent and got an eviction notice from your landlord. Your free-rent ticket turns your evictable nonpayment of rent into non-evictable “rent withholding.”

7. Just let your unpaid rent pile up in your bank account. Then, if you have to move, you have a tidy nest egg to start your new life with. Do these steps as long as you wish.

8. Don’t worry. It’s almost impossible, and not worth the time, for your landlord to get this money back from you.


Send your landlord a bill for the reduced value of your apartment because of the code violation. That’s right. Each code violation entitles you to a rent refund. Look around. Be creative. You may find dozens of code violations, just like this one, all around your apartment.


If your landlord takes a long time to make the repair(s), he or she is obviously negligent. You are legally entitled to triple damages and attorney’s fees. You have just hit the jackpot. Who cares if you eventually have to move out of your damaged, worthless apartment?


You’d rather not go through all the trouble of getting your landlord to do all those repairs? Just tell your landlord you will gladly move out upon receiving $10,000. Your landlord will thank you for such a good deal.

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