SPOA Newsletter January 2021 (1/21/2021) - Read the latest issue of the SPOA newsletter. In this issue: Open the economy, end the moratoriums -- Small landlords: Who are we?-- Our Strategy Now -- What We Can Hope For -- Who is SPOA? And more...
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Tenant right to counsel: Sounds nice. Destroys housing. (10/1/2020) - It’s all about stretching out nonpayment of rent as long as possible. It will destroy small landlords and low-rent housing.
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Tenant right to counsel: A fast way to crush small landlords (9/8/2020) - A major push is being made nationwide for a “right to counsel” for indigent tenants along with a nationwide push for more taxpayer-funded “affordable housing.” These two government programs would crush many local small landlords and replace them with faraway corporate landlords. Continue reading
“Just Cause Eviction” = unjust RENT CONTROL (1/2/2017) - Just Cause Eviction = unjust RENT FREEZE  “Marriage with no divorce clause” Who would be affected by Just Cause Eviction? Many small property owners in Boston make a part-time or full-time living and feed their family with a small collection of rental … Continue reading
Fatal flaws in Just Cause Eviction proposal (11/1/2016) - Based on oral testimony and written comments by Stuart Schrier, Boston landlord attorney of 35 years, who has done 5,000 evictions. Additional comments by Skip Schloming  The Just Cause Eviction proposal being debated in Boston consists of two essential parts, … Continue reading
Rent Withholding (6/24/2013) - If a tenant claims an owner is not putting any money into the house, the tenant’s rent money should go into the house, not into the tenant’s pocket. Massachusetts law, as in many states, lets the tenant pocket the money. … Continue reading
Are landlord-tenant laws creating SLUMS? (6/24/2013) - Housing inspectors tell their experiences We did not go to the inner city. We visited small towns in the countryside. We interviewed local housing inspectors. Every day they go into many homes. Usually it’s the worst housing around. What turns … Continue reading
Here is Your Ticket to FREE Rent (6/24/2013) - A simple electrical cover plate is your ticket to free rent. It’s just like the ones in your apartment.   INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF COVER PLATE 1. Simply unscrew one of the electrical cover plates in your apartment from the … Continue reading
Attacks landlord with frying pan (1/23/2013) - February 2008 One serious problem with our state’s rent withholding law is that it causes fierce, vicious fights between landlords and their tenants. On top of that, since the law stops the eviction process, it often forces these fighting landlords … Continue reading
On this page (1/23/2013) - Here you will find some of the many eviction horror stories we have profiled in the SPOA Newsletter over the years. They all involve the “free rent trick.” Click on the “Eviction issues” tab to read about the general legal … Continue reading