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How tenants are hurt by tenant right of first refusal laws

Subtitle: How TROFR/TOPA kills the accessory apartments and 2-family opportunities for tenants. At the Cambridge City Council meeting of February 26 2018, my two minutes of public testimony were spent warning about the unintended negative consequences of a tenant right of first refusal (TROFR/TOPA) home rule petition, and how it would hurt more tenants, and [&hellip

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thinking about news articles and studies from 2017

Thinking about the MIT Sloan School crime study of Cambridge, after the ending of rent control, and the continued negative impact of rent control on San Francisco, and the distortions and collusions involved in legislature mandated rights of first refusal. How does local crime against persons and property impact the institutions in our midst? Put [&hellip

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open letter to cambridge city council on HR3017 tenant right of first refusal

The Cambridge City Council might vote tonight in support of House Bill 3017 that gives away, for free, with no consideration at all, a right of first refusal to my property at NNN SomethingStreet, Cambridge MA. Before you do this, or especially after you have done so, I ask you to think about what price [&hellip

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