Landlords: History & Concept Archive

The concept of “landlord”: A short history from medieval times to the present

Written in 1951, Langston Hughes’s “Ballad of the Landlord” depicts a stereotype – the slumlord – which exaggerates the reality of landlords even for its own time half a century ago. Nevertheless, the poem refers to what was undoubtedly a far more common practice 50 years ago, so-called “self-help” evictions where landlords evict nonpaying or [&hellip

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The moral virtues of landlords

By Howard Husock Director of Case Studies, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University The following is a condensed version of Husock’s speech at SPOA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of Question 9 last December. This organization calls its members “small property owners,” not “landlords.” But we know that tenants and the general public, whether we like it [&hellip

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Famous poem: “Ballad of the Landlord”

1951 By Langston Hughes (1902-1967) Landlord, landlord, My roof has sprung a leak. Don’t you ’member I told you about it Way last week? Landlord, landlord, These steps is broken down. When you come up yourself It’s a wonder you don’t fall down. Ten Bucks you say I owe you? Ten Bucks you say is [&hellip

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