Just Cause Eviction in Boston Archive

“Just Cause Eviction” = unjust RENT CONTROL

Just Cause Eviction = unjust RENT FREEZE  “Marriage with no divorce clause” Who would be affected by Just Cause Eviction? Many small property owners in Boston make a part-time or full-time living and feed their family with a small collection of rental units, from 7 up to 10 or 12 or even more units. These owners do [&hellip

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Fatal flaws in Just Cause Eviction proposal

Based on oral testimony and written comments by Stuart Schrier, Boston landlord attorney of 35 years, who has done 5,000 evictions. Additional comments by Skip Schloming  The Just Cause Eviction proposal being debated in Boston consists of two essential parts, both of which are fatally flawed: (1) a requirement that landlords send all eviction and [&hellip

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