Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sets up RENT RELIEF FUND !!

Maybe someone in Boston is thinking straight. And thinking:
What will the city do if many tenants do not pay rent and landlords cannot pay their property taxes???

Since mortgage payments are also being considered for suspension, the city will ALSO not get the property tax payments that are paid by mortgage holders on behalf of homeowners.

So the only solution is to NOT allow tenants to stop paying rent IF THEY CAN AFFORD TO PAY SOME OR ALL OF THEIR RENT.

The Mayor’s RENT RELIEF FUND will pay tenants IN TRUE NEED the balance of their rent owed (as we understand it).
WE SMALL LANDLORDS NEED TO MAKE SURE THIS RENT RELIEF FUND WORKS PROPERLY and immediately report any problems to the Mayor’s Office:

Here are some potential dangers:

  • If payments go directly to tenants, they may not be used to pay rent. The payments need to go directly to landlords.
  • Some tenants may under-report their income to get their rent paid by the city.
  • Tenants may STOP paying rent and not take advantage of this relief fund. It is OUR job to make sure that needy tenants are requesting relief.
  • The Office of Housing Stability (very pro-tenant) will be administering this Rent Relief Fund. We need to see that they do a proper and good job, and NOT use this crisis situation to advance a political agenda for tenant advocates.

The Mayor’s example here is probably very good for all cities and towns in Massachusetts and across the country.


Please contact me, Skip Schloming, Executive Director of SPOA, with any concerns or ideas you have. Email me at:

Please address any comments or suggestions regarding this Action Alert to:  or 617-354-2358

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