Affordable Housing

“Affordable housing” is NOT affordable (10/18/2019) - “Affordable housing” is a clever code word for those who demand more of it. “Affordable housing” does not refer to any housing in the private rental market that might actually be affordable to its tenants (yes, such affordable privately-owned rental … Continue reading
Homelessness Up (12/17/2012) - Officials and nonprofit leaders keep pursuing the same old housing strategy for the poor – try to get more tax money to build more subsidized housing – in the face of glaring statistics that it simply does not work. What … Continue reading
How the government killed affordable housing (12/17/2012) - By John O. Norquist – Mayor of Milwaukee and a Democrat.  Adapted from his book The Wealth of Cities: Revitalizing the Centers of American Life. A big-city politician deplores government intrusion into housing and urges cooperation with private owners By focusing … Continue reading
Section 8 vouchers bring drug problems that are hard to get rid of (12/17/2012) - One landlord – we won’t identify him or where he lives to avoid retaliation – is fed up with 15 years of drug activity and misbehavior by some tenants on section 8 vouchers living in his neighborhood. The city housing … Continue reading
Government housing in America (12/17/2012) - The costly new way: Garfield Place Garfield Place: Affordable For Whom? Just a few blocks from famous Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Garfield Street, lies a juicy prime commercial lot in Cambridge. Look … Continue reading
Affordable Housing Options (12/13/2012) - The question of “affordable housing” is how to allow more people of lower income to live comfortably in a neighborhood, while preserving the qualities of neighborliness and community. Over its 12-year history, the Small Property Owners Association has confronted this … Continue reading
WOODFRAME multi-family housing an endangered species (12/13/2012) - And small owners are biting the dust, too Housing built of wood has always served America’s newly arriving families and America’s poor. Wood is plentiful, cheap. The first settlers met a land of forests and, of course, built their homes … Continue reading
‘Affordable housing’ at core of historic financial meltdown (12/13/2012) - A long history of subprime lending We have always been suspicious of “affordable housing,” rented or owned housing that is made available, through government assistance or regulation, to people with incomes not sufficient to cover the real costs of the … Continue reading
The great housing experiment that failed (12/13/2012) - Tearing down the housing projects, mixing poor with rich has not worked.   Crime is up, not down All across the country starting in the 1990s, housing project after housing project was torn down and its poor residents sent out … Continue reading
How a rent escrow law would improve the supply of low-income housing (12/13/2012) - Nonpayment of rent is clearly a more frequent problem among poor people. Their lower income also limits how much rent they can pay. So lower-income neighborhoods have lower rents to start with and more problems with tenants being able to … Continue reading