This Action Alert tells you how to contact your legislators about medical marijuana.

Below is a list of the topics you could write or talk about with your legislators. You can write or talk about one of them, some of them or all of them — your choice. If you need more information about the problems of medical marijuana for landlords, go to the original article.

Further below is the contact information of the legislators you should write or call.

For general information on how to contact your legislators, go to the Act Now page of this website.

Topics you can cover:

  • Risk of civil forfeiture of your property to the federal government
  • Risk of a claim of discrimination against a person with a disability (a patient using medical marijuana)
  • No option for owners to decline to rent to a medical marijuana patient
  • Property damage risks (fire) from growing a large number of marijuana plants in an apartment
  • Landlords are denied access to a medical marijuana apartment (for emergencies, to make repairs)